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    SANILEC® systems take full advantage of our knowledge and experience in the design of offshore skid-mounted units, with strenuous area classification requirements.

  • Water Star and Superior™ anodes are now brought to you by De Nora

    Don’t worry – you’re in the right place!

  • DSA® Anodes for Water Treatment

    De Nora DSA® electrodes can provide a self-cleaning, effective and environmentally-friendly solution for onsite oxidants generation based on a simple process driven by electricity, to convert salt (brine and seawater) into active molecules for biocides, organic destruction, pollutant removal from water.

  • Diaphragm

    Diaphragm technology uses brine and electricity with a vacuum deposited fiber separator (historically made of asbestos) between the anode and cathode to create chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen.