DE NORA TETRA potable water filters

One of the most trusted names in drinking water filters.

DE NORA TETRA™ wastewater filters

One of the most trusted names in wastewater filters.

Membrane Filtration

De Nora Water Technologies offers the UAT™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration Systems to meet any tap, brackish or seawater application need.

Product Technology Center (TETRA)

1000 Cliff Mine Road, Ste. 600
Pittsburgh, PA USA 15275
Tel. 1-800-364-1600

Product Technology Center (Membrane Filtration)

3000 Advance Lane
Colmar, PA USA 18915
Tel. 1-215-997-4000

Installed System Support

De Nora Water Technologies - Service & Spare Parts
USA (TF) +1-877-834-9982
Canada (TF) +1-877-209-7120 Mexico +52 5511 63 8776