DSA® Anodes for Water Treatment

De Nora DSA® electrodes can provide a self-cleaning, effective and environmentally-friendly solution for onsite oxidants generation based on a simple process driven by electricity, to convert salt (brine and seawater) into active molecules for biocides, organic destruction, pollutant removal from water.

A full range of advanced anode coatings applied to De Nora DSA anodes has been developed thanks to our extensive experience in the field of electrochemistry, including the water treatment arena.

We have specialties in several application fields: from water disinfection to potable water for public-works, and industrial use, from heavy contaminant removal to final polishing treatment of industrial effluents, from small (point-of-use) to large size (point-of-entry) system supply.

We offer solutions to handle different market requirements, from seawater to brine solutions.

Seawater application:

Wide range of temperature conditions in seawater (down to 5° C)

  • High reaction efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Coatings tailored to achieve desired anode lifetimes

Brine application:

  • High efficiency performance at low salinity
  • High resistance to current reversal operation; effective for electrode scale removal



Compared to common chemicals such as chlorine gas and commercial hypo, the onsite oxidant generation solution provides a technology which is:

  • Safer, involving no handling, storage and mixing of harmful chemical products
  • Cost effective
  • Application user-friendly
  • Environmentally and transportation friendly