High Speed Electrogalvanizing (EGL) / Electrotinning (ETL) Anodes



The EGL process requires robust mixed-metal oxide titanium (MMO) anodes in order to meet a wide variety of production requirements.  De Nora provides new anode fabrication and MMO recoat services for all types of cell configurations. These including vertical, horizonal, or radial cell designs.

In the mid 1980’s De Nora introduced the EGL anodes. Since then these anodes have demonstrated superior plating performance.


Proper engineering design must account for a range of operational current densities of 5 to 15 kA/m², with anode sizes varying from 0.15 to 2.65 m². De Nora’s family of oxygen evolving MMO coatings are capable of meeting customers’ requirements in terms of lifetime, performance, and cost.

The operation of De Nora DSA® anodes in EGL processes promotes plating uniformity across the web of the steel coil.  This ensures an outstanding corrosion resistance, formability, and paint adhesion when zinc electroplating for the automotive and appliance market.



The application of De Nora’s anodes for ETL requires a uniquely formulated, stable coating to perform in conjunction with the type of chemicals present in the commercial electrolyte compositions.

We provide tailored MMO coatings suitably formulated for operation in either Methane Sulfonic Acid bath (MSA) or in Phenol Sulfonic Acid bath (PSA).

De Nora DSA® anodes for ETL provide:

  • Predictable lifetime
  • Resistance to aggressive operating conditions
  • Controlled stability of tin bath concentrations with the aid of De Nora DSA balancing anode technology