Surface Finishing

Beyond the Surface


The surface finishing industry demands high quality anodes to provide superior plated components. De Nora DSA® anodes are tailored with precious metal coating applied on Grade 1 titanium substrates. Our anodes are durable, lightweight, reliable, and provide a superior alternative to soluble and lead alloy anodes.

De Nora is committed to meeting the customers’ production needs and requirements. We strive to meet the customers parameters for anode plating performance, custom geometries, predictable lifetime, timely delivery, and competitive price. 

Our products include:

  • Chrome Plating and Auxiliary Anodes
  • Platinized Titanium Anodes
  • Balancing Anodes
  • Printed Circut Board (PCB) Anodes
  • E-coat Anodes
  • Electrogalvanizing (EGL)/Electrotinning (ETL) Anodes
  • De Nora GreenChrome