Chlorine & Caustic Industry

We are committed to the development of innovative solutions to ensure greater competitiveness to our customers through better performances in term of energy savings, investment costs, product quality, and environmental impact.

Our roots in the chlorine, caustic soda, and potash industry run deep, from the creation of the earliest commercial diaphragm cells in the early 1920's, through mercury cells in the 40's to the development of the very first membrane cell in the 70's concentrating nowadays on the highest performing electrode structures and catalytic coatings.

Our company serves a wide range of customers’ needs for various electrochemical processes and primarily focuses on high performing electrodes and catalysts for the Chlor-Alkali industry.

We offer a high level of know how in design and manufacturing of anodes and cathodes made in titanium or nickel with a mixed precious metal oxide coating.

Our main services include:

  • Manufacturing and reconditioning of DSA® electrodes
  • Manufacturing of high performing catalytic coatings for anodes and cathodes
  • Production of non-asbestos cell separators for diaphragm cells; PMX®
  • High tech solutions for energy-savings
  • Refurbishment and repairs across all technologies
  • Support and technical assistance

Our Specialties

  • De Nora has proven to be a qualified designer, manufacturer and suppliers of activated cathodes and anodes for the electrochemical industry. The annual coating turnover is >400,000 m².
  • The worldwide presence, with facilities distributed in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, allows De Nora the ability provide services in real time, everywhere our customer is located.