Cathodic Protection

Infrastructures worldwide, such as pipelines, storage tanks, and steel reinforced concrete structures, are affected by corrosion. The cost of mitigating corrosion has been estimated to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but the cost of ignoring corrosion is incalculable. De Nora’s cathodic protection anodes, marketed under the trade names of LIDA® and ELGARD®, provide customers with a time-tested solution to this problem.

A properly designed impressed current cathodic protection system, using De Nora's anodes, has proven to be a time-tested solution for extending the longevity of any steel structure. De Nora offers several different anode geometries for your specific application. Both the LIDA® and ELGARD® lines of CP anodes are available through an exclusive network of distributors.


Anodes for impressed current cathodic protection of steel re-enforced concrete structures, such as parking garages, bridge decks, wharf and pier structures, are found under the brand name ELGARD and LIDA. Both ELGARD and LIDA anodes are available in expanded mesh geometries. These anodes have been tested by independent labs to verify and ensure that they exceed the performance criteria per NACE TM0294-2016.



Anodes for the cathodic protection of industrial steel structures, such as pipelines, underground storage tanks, above ground storage tanks, locks, dams, offshore platforms, and water boxes, are marketed under the LIDA brand name.

All offshore structures, including platforms and pipelines, require a comprehensive, on-going plan to mitigate the corrosion caused by the seawater environment. Over time and as the structures age the original sacrificial cathodic protection systems require refurbishment in order to extend the useful life of the structure. This life extension requirement can range from 5 to 20 years. A cathodic protection system such as the LIDA TSA (Tensioned String Anode) is comprised of mixed metal oxide anodes that can be specifically designed to deliver the performance needed to extend the life of any offshore structure.