Water Star and Superior™ anodes are now brought to you by De Nora

Don’t worry – you’re in the right place!

Water Star Incorporated has joined the De Nora Tech family. We are delighted about the opportunities this acquisition will offer our partners and customers.


As a result of the acquisition, Water Star customers now have access to an expanded and innovative product offering, nearly 100 years of expertise, and the knowledge that a team of over 200 people can offer.


The Superior line of precious metal coated titanium anodes (MMO – mixed metal oxide or dimensionally stable anodes), cathodes, cells, assemblies, and catalyzed media has not changed.


We look forward to bringing you Superior anodes plus a superior selection of products to choose from.



Many of the Water Star employees have joined the De Nora Tech team, so the same individuals will continue to provide extraordinary customer care and support.

Individuals who made the move include:

  • Mike Cahill
  • Dave Andreotti
  • Satyananda Kishore Pilli
  • Dana Greenwalt
  • Raji Janarthanan
  • Rustem Gataulin


  • Steve Bosch
  • Dustin Day
  • Aaron Dillon
  • Carrie Garvin
  • John Harkins
  • Patrick Morrison
  • Todd Parton

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Satyananda Kishore Pilli

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Dave Andreotti