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Electrochemistry is an essential technology for the manufacture of many industrial chemical products. De Nora Tech, LLC, a technology-driven manufacturing and marketing company, focuses on extending electrochemistry’s reach.


Our Family Legacy
Oronzio De Nora (1899-1996) founded our company in 1923. He is universally recognized as one of the main drivers in Chlor-Alkali technological improvements through the introduction of several step changes in mercury technology, diaphragm technology (invented “Glanor” Technology) and, in his maturity, as a pioneer in IEM membrane technology (DD cell jointly developed by De Nora and Dow Chemical). In 1965 Henri Beer invented the concept of mixed metal oxide coating. Oronzio De Nora, because of his own electro-chemical background, was the first to recognize the importance of this invention for the Chlor-Alkali industry. These revolutionary anodes offered improved product quality, longer life and a lower power consumption and environmental impact in comparison to the graphite anodes in use at the time. After having bought the patents, he introduced the revolutionary product, DSA®* anodes, in the late sixties and early seventies in mercury cells.

Vittorio De Nora, Oronzio’s brother, established a joint venture with the Diamond Shamrock Corporation that realized an efficient metallic anode for the diaphragm technology. Manufacturing companies were founded across the world over the years and are now grouped under the “Elettrodi Network”, a division of Industrie De Nora S.p.A. (Milan). Currently, there are seven manufacturing facilities located around the world: Italy, USA, Germany, Japan, China, India and Brazil.

De Nora continues to invest in innovative anode and coating technology that provides improved value to our customers both economically and in ease of use. This is reflected in the fact that at least 75% of the global Chlor-Alkali capacity is produced on De Nora DSA coatings as is 70% of the chlorate capacity. Year after year De Nora companies continue their original mission to supply technology and service that give our customers all around the world long-term, efficient and cost effective operation.


*DSA is a registered trademark of Industrie De Nora S.p.A.


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