Gas feed and instrumentation

Chlorine Dioxide generators

De Nora Water Technologies offers chlorine dioxide generators that ensure efficient gas production, precise solution feeding, low maintenance and dependable operation for the life of the equipment. Models consistently maintain a product yield greater than 95% and are available with either manual or automatic control, in addition to system shut-down and alarm options.

Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection

Capital Controls is a leading brand of gas feed disinfection technology. With more than 50 years’ experience and many thousands of installations globally, the company invented the all-vacuum chlorinator in 1960. It is now the standard solution for this type of technology.

Capital Controls® MicroChem®3

De Nora Capital Controls® MicroChem 3 is a brand new innovation based on the expertise and history gained through decades of chlorine management and analysis. It combines the best features of our respected analysers and controllers to come up with an innovative solution you can tailor to your own water analysis and control needs.

EST scrubbers and industrial products

De Nora Water Technologies offers a variety of EST™ eductor venturi products and ejectors as well as other process equipment. We supply individual eductor components as well as completely engineered packages incorporating pumps, valves, ejectors, piping and instrumentation. Our product offerings are available in a wide range of materials.


De Nora Water Technologies offers a range of instruments for the monitoring, measurement and control of water processes including gas/leak detectors, online quality measurement systems, portable analysers and residual analysers all under the Capital Controls® and MicroChem® brand names.

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