DSA® anodes for water treatment

De Nora DSA® electrodes can provide a self-cleaning, effective and environmentally-friendly solution for onsite oxidants generation based on a simple process driven by electricity, to convert salt (seawater, brine, and tap water) into active molecules for biocides, organic destruction, pollutant removal from water.

A full range of advanced anode coatings applied to De Nora DSA® anodes has been developed thanks to our extensive experience in the field of electrochemistry, including the water treatment arena.

We have competences in several fields and applications: from water disinfection to drinkable water for public and domestic use, from polishing to heavy contaminant removal in industrial effluents, from small (point-of-use) to large size (point-of-entry) system supply.

We offer solutions to cope with different market needs, from seawater to brine solutions:

Seawater application:

Wide range of temperature conditions in seawater (down to 5° C)

  • High efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extensive anode lifetime

Brine application:

  • High efficiency at low salinity
  • High resistance to current reversal operation



Compared to common chemicals such as chlorine gas and commercial hypo, the onsite oxidant generation solution grants a technology which is:

  • safer, involving no handling, storage and mixing of harmful chemical products
  • cost effective
  • easier to use
  • environmentally friendly

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