Printed Wire Boards

De Nora DT® plating anodes have become the primary choice in copper-via-filling electrodeposition process for manufacturing both HDI printed circuit boards and semiconductor substrates.


Uniform copper deposition, reliable via filling ability, elimination of surface roughness and high additive consumption make use of De Nora DT® anodes: our  solution for today’s challenge.

De Nora DT® anodes are offered in standard and custom design to ensure optimum performance:

  • Stable anode area providing uniform plating distribution and better via filling power;
  • Extremely low additive consumption and long service lifetime;
  • Improved plating bath life and performance by reducing additive by-products
  • Elimination of tedious anode maintenance;
  • Increased equipment uptime/capacity at high current density operation; 

De Nora also provides:

  • Total anode solution in combination with relevant additives and copper replenishment
  • Full scale engineering service for upgrading from soluble to insoluble process
  • Optimal anode configuration for existing plating line
  • Technical support in troubleshooting

The one disadvantage to insoluble anodes is that, unlike titanium baskets, the metal ion being plated must be fed into the plating bath.  Some customers overcome this by simply adding the metal to the bath directly.  De Nora also offers a metal dissolution system which is separate from the plating tank.  In this way, the metal ion can be metered into the plating bath in a very controlled manner which allows tight control (within 5%) to a specified bath concentration while eliminating operator ergonomic issues.

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