Insoluble Plating Anodes


Soluble anodes have many disadvantages across different plating applications.  Lead anodes are heavy, increase voltage as they dissolve and leave a toxic residue in your tank and possibly your plated finish.  Titanium baskets with metal nuggets must be maintained which is an ergonomic issue for operators, have wide swings in metal bath concentration and have limits in current density and operating range.  De Nora mixed metal oxide anodes.

De Nora insoluble anodes offer:


  • Superior wear resistance for long anode life at high current densities
  • An ability to be made out of sheet or mesh in a variety of complex designs to minimize anode-to-plated piece gap and thus power costs while also providing uniform and reproducible current distribution over the life of the anode
  • Excellent corrosion resistance with a titanium substrate in most plating systems
  • No dissolution in the plating system and therefore no lead sludge and its associated environmental or health hazards
  • Light weight which eliminates an ergonomic issue for plating operators when installing and maintaining anodes

  • High quality plating in especially demanding and fine plating applications like gold or rhodium plating for jewelry plating
  • The ability to refurbish (recoat) existing structures to reduce operating costs long-term
  • The ability to fit the amount of precious metal applied to the application to reduce up front capital costs

The one disadvantage to insoluble anodes is that, unlike titanium baskets, the metal ion being plated must be fed into the plating bath.  Some customers overcome this by simply adding the metal to the bath directly.  De Nora also offers a metal dissolution system which is separate from the plating tank.  In this way, the metal ion can be metered into the plating bath in a very controlled manner which allows tight control (within 5%) to a specified bath concentration while eliminating operator ergonomic issues.

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