Chrome Plating & Auxiliary Anodes



De Nora DSA® anodes are used as auxiliary anode in hexavalent chromium plating, allowing to achieve precise and accurate finishing in specialized geometries which require an enhanced localized deposition, especially in the automotive and in the decorative fixture market.

MMO-coated titanium anodes are lightweight and geometrically flexible, thereby assuring ease of installation, quick replacement and capability for multiple refurbishing in a cost-effective way.

De Nora DSA® auxiliary anodes are designed to provide:

  • Uniform current apportionment in plating of recessed areas
  • Proper of copper/nickel/chromium  plating  thickness, preventing waste from over coating (extra cost) and plating burns (poor appearance/defects)
  • Cost-effective process



De Nora GreenChrome® plating anodes

In recent years, health and environmental regulations as concerns  the use of hexavalent chromium plating baths have become more stringent. As a result, platters are converting to trivalent chromium baths. De Nora GreenChrome® anodes are being recognized as the best suited solution for almost all major chemistry supplier’s trivalent plating baths. De Nora GreenChrome® anodes are characterized by a high durability and are specifically designed to preserve the integrity of the trivalent chromium bath, preventing its oxidation to hexavalent chromium. 

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