Copper Electrowinning


Mixed metal oxide (MMO)-coated titanium anodes are being commercially implemented in copper electrowinning tankhouses worldwide.

Summarizing the economic benefits to copper electrowinning tankhouses operation with De Nora's self-protected all titanium MMO anodes are replacing lead alloy anodes providing:

1. 12-15% power savings

2. Cobalt-free electrolyte operations

3. Minimal dendrite shorting damage incurred a the MMO-SPA anode

4. Smoother, uniform cathode deposits typically achieving a 1-2% improvement in current efficiency

5. Tankhouse operations producting lead-free copper qulity cathodes, in addition to elimination of lead waste for improved operator health and environment.

De Nora’s solution for copper electrowinning includes latest generation energy saving electrocatalytic coating and an engineered titanium structure with the breakthrough dendrite mitigation system for protection against short circuits.  The development of a monitoring system completes the package.