Base-Metal Electrowinning

Winning with Electrode Design to Reduce Energy Costs in Traditional Processes


Since 1972, De Nora strives to improve mixed metal oxide (MMO) anode coatings to better serve  base-metal electrowinning, with a focus on nickel electrowinning. Today there are more than 40,000 De Nora DSA® anodes installed in Electrowinning tankhouses and recovery operation plants worldwide. These Electrowinning tank houses excel at providing optimum quality for recovering metal and are highly efficient. 

Some of the applications of our titanium DSA MMO anodes include nickel  electrowinning production, precious metal refining (gold, silver), recovery of copper from bleed streams, and retrieval of valuable metals from industrial wastewater.

The use of De Nora titanium insoluble MMO anodes in electrowinning applications provide beneficial power savings, enhance productivity and provide a lead-free plated metal cathode product.

De Nora’s R&D department continues to develop new anode products for copper and zinc electrowinning. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions that guarentee performance imporovements that enhance commercial tankhouse operations performance improvements and are cost-effective.